Enomoto Atsuko CDs

Some of the CDs that Atsuko has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Atsuko has released the following solo CDs.

2004.09.01Memories Off -Sorekara- Character File 04 (KDCA-9)Song/Talk

Miscellaneous CDs

Atsuko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1998.12.23Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Original Soundtrack (KICA-440)Song
1999.03.26Setsu Getsu Ka (KICA-452)Song
1999.07.07Sensei no Ojikan 1 Jikanme (AVCT-15004)Talk
1999.08.04Sensei no Ojikan 2 Jikanme (AVCT-15009)Talk/Song
1999.08.21Triangle Session 99 Drama CD Stage 1 (MMCM-0009)Song/Talk
1999.11.25Sensei no Ojikan Volume 4 (AVCT-15013)Talk
1999.11.25Triangle Session 99 Vocal Mini Album (MMCC-0011)Song
2000.01.26Triangle Session Volume 3 (MMCC-0014)Talk
2000.04.19Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi Soundtrack (PCCG-532)Song
2001.08.22Angelic Layer Character Song Album (AVCA-14190)Song
2001.10.03Chance Triangle Session Vocal Album (AVCA-14227)Song
2002.04.10Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat Sound Track (AVCA-14334)Song
2004.01.21Ryo-ko Sensei no Shinryoushitu (WWCE-31017)Talk
2004.08.25Memories Off -Sorekara- Drama CD (KDCA-12)Talk
2004.12.15Honey (AKCJ-080044)Song/Talk
2004.12.22Memories Off -Sorekara- Vocal Collection (KDCA-26)Song

CD Singles

Atsuko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1998.10.23Yume no Naka he/S.O.S.song
1999.11.03Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle [Steel Angels]Song
2001.05.03Be My Angel (AVCA-14145)Song
2001.06.20Pure Blue / Love Forever (AVCA-14151)Song
2001.07.25Woo Yeah Woo Ah / Difference (AVCA-14163)Song
2002.03.13Happy! Smile! Hello! (AVCA-14309)Song
2002.05.09Keep On Going (AVCA-14356)Song

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