Animagic 2003 (2003.07.25)

Animagic 2003
Koblenz, Germany
Cutie Pai
  • Event report by Sebastien Jarry, 2003.07.25-2003.07.26
    Edited by Hitoshi Doi

Cutie Pai appeared at the Animagic 2003 convention in Koblenz, Germany, from July 25 to July 27, 2003. Their song stages were scheduled as follows.

Friday 21:00
Saturday 19:00
Sunday 16:00

But there were other signing sessions during the three days.

Sebastien Jarry went to the convention all three days, and posted reports from the Internet room to the seiyuu ML. ( Friday 7/25, Saturday 7/26, Sunday 7/27, )

There is also a Japanese translation of the event reports. I put all three days into one page.

part 1 (posted 2003.07.25)

The condition for going inside the festival hall is very special, we must possess a special badge, that you must ask for it 6 months ago. Before 1st May, a badge cost 15 Euros / day. After that it costs 20 Euros /day.

I translated into French the information page, and it seems that badges for Friday & Saturday were sold out. But I`ve got a 3 days pass, for 60 Euros (>_<), very expensive.

Inside the hall, there around 20 computer connected to Internet. I use one of them for writting this message.

part 2 (posted 2003.07.25)

30 minutes after writing the previous message, I met Makki-chan! She was alone, being to buying plastic character pictures on a store stand. I listened her, she spoke in English. After she finished, I went to her and started to talking with her in Japanese. I introduced myself and said that I'm a friend of Doi Hitoshi. She done a little jump. "Doi-sama?!" I asked where is Mayu-chan. "Now, she's sleep". (^_^;).

Tonight, she will signing only on the single "Reflection Love / Yell", (I have this CD, Hitoshi gave me ones at my last trip in Tokyo).

Anyway, there's a stand where there's all "Cutie Pai" CDs, sold between 12 to 15 Euros.

part 3 (posted 2003.07.26)

At 20:30, the Cutie Pai appeared with all others guests (Rintarou, Satoshi Urushihara, Masao Maruyama, etc...) for an introduce of all of them. Each guests said a little comment about the welcoming from Germans fans, who are great. Cutie Pai was wearing their kimono outfits.

Many people said to me that they don't know Cutie Pai. When Makki and Mayu-chan introduce themselves, everybody laughed, because her voices are so high, but she received somes greats applause.

For translating all Japanese comments, there's a Japanese woman, with a kimono, Chihiro Maruyama. This woman spent all of her youngness in Germany, so she bilingual in Germany / Japanese. It seems that this woman is famous in Germany.

After the end of this mini talk-show, at around 20h55, Cutie Pai did a Mini Concert! They sang 7 songs. They were wearing their wrapped doll costumes. I took pictures between the song 1 to 4 and the debut of 5. Between the song 2, the lights were very dark, it was very difficult to shoot them (and I was sitting in the fourth row).

I don't know all Cutie Pai's songs, but one of them is "Tokyo Refrain", and a song where she's say very often "Kimi Ga Suki". They performed "Reflection Love" and "Yell" for last songs.

It seems what Germans did like very much all songs ; the intensity of applause were very incredible! More better than Amano Megumi at Cartoonist...

After the show, a sign and CD sending session started. It was incredible: there was 4 lines 20 meters long, for buying Cutie Pai's CD and received a sign, on their CD on a special photo of Makki or Makyu; the format is a little more large than A4 format.

I preferred to pass at last for see her. And, I gave pictures that Hitoshi made specially to Cutie Pai for this event. I started to introduce myself, but Makki continue, and said to Mayu what I'm the Doi-sama's friend (^_^;) She was very glad and happy when I gave to her Hitoshi's pictures.

After finished to talk with her, I go back, but I forgot my camera on the table of Makki's photos. I searched for that, and at the moment when I remembered where I left it, Makki-chan discovered it. I ran one more time to the table. When Makki saw that this camera is my own, she laughs a lot.

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