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  • Animagic 2003 (2003.07.27)

    Animagic 2003
    Koblenz, Germany
    Cutie Pai
    • Event report by Sebastien Jarry, 2003.07.27-2003.07.28
      Edited by Hitoshi Doi

    Cutie Pai appeared at the Animagic 2003 convention in Koblenz, Germany, from July 25 to July 27, 2003. Sebastien Jarry went to the convention all three days, and posted reports from the Internet room to the seiyuu ML. ( Friday 7/25, Saturday 7/26, Sunday 7/27, )

    There is also a Japanese translation of the event reports. I put all three days into one page.

    part 1 (posted 2003.07.27)

    Well, this is the last message I send from Koblenz. I must leave very soon.

    Today, the Cutie Pai events are as follows.

    • 13.30 - 14.00 : Signing Session
    • 16.00 - 16.50 : Mini Live
    • 16.55 - 17.25 : Signing Session
    The Festival will starting to close doors from 17:00.

    I went to the first singing session. This time, they wear nurse costumes. Finally, I didn't bought a new Cutie Pai's CD. Today, they're send photo of Makki or Mayuchan. 5 Euros each. The format of photography is like an A4 format.

    Oh, the departure time of my train is not at 16.12, but at 17.12. So I can watch the last Cutie Pai live.

    part 2 (posted 2003.07.28)

    I had a very long day too : 48 without sleeping. And It seems I'll not sleep this night also.... (to be continued, more down)

    I watching the last live, but not all , because I started to going out. I were far from the stage, so I took 2 pics of the complete show hall.

    Germans started to know very well songs of Cutie Pai, especially Reflection Love, Yell, and the songs where she says many times "Kimi Ga Suki" (I think it's "Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku"), at this song, Makki must say "Aishiteru", but she said "Ich Liebe Diech" ("I love you" in German), people were very happy and applauded very strong. Makki started to crying, because she was happy (this is "ureshi namida"). Cutie Pai love very much the German audience : she said that yesterday.

    One of the songs that she performed today and yesterday were "Switch". Between the live, she wore kimono. But, at the debut of "Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku", she wore out the kimono because under it, she wore the future retro costume.

    After the live, again an incredible number of people for buying CDs, photos, and signs. Today, there the special edition of the single "Reflection Love / Yell", there's a color picture disc. It was on sale for 17 Euros (against 15 for a normal edition).

    I started to go out of the hall when the last sign session started.

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