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  • Animagic 2003 (2003.07.26)

    Animagic 2003
    Koblenz, Germany
    Cutie Pai
    • Event report by Sebastien Jarry, 2003.07.26
      Edited by Hitoshi Doi

    Cutie Pai appeared at the Animagic 2003 convention in Koblenz, Germany, from July 25 to July 27, 2003. Sebastien Jarry went to the convention all three days, and posted reports from the Internet room to the seiyuu ML. ( Friday 7/25, Saturday 7/26, Sunday 7/27, )

    There is also a Japanese translation of the event reports. I put all three days into one page.

    Cutie Pai was at the award ceremony of the cosplay contest. After 20mn break, the show of this day started. They wore their kimono outfit, but on their heads, they have ears, like Winnie the Pooh's (bear) ears.

    They sang 7 songs, but not all songs are the same as yesterday. Reflection Love, Yell, and Tamaniha Koi Ha Konno Hajimari (before this song, Makki & Mayu asked to the audience to clap in rythm, like Japanese fans.) was played. They started also, as yesterday, by the very short songs "Hello! Cutie Pai".

    At debut of the 3rd songs, they take off their kimonos, and underneath they were wearing their bear costume.

    But they create a great surprise by singing the more famous Sailor Moon's theme, "Moonlight Densetsu". The audience was very happy.

    Between the songs, Makki & Mayu told about one of their own story, especially about pants (^_^;). Makki said what the skirt of Mayu is very short, and everybody watching her pants. She continue by talking about a pants gave by a private friend of Mayu. Unfortunately, I didn't take video pictures.

    I take video pictures from the 2nd half of the show until the end. (And now, my battery is empty).

    Actually, their signing session. There's so much people than Yesterday (somes people are new today).

    I stop here, I think I'll go buy a CD of Cutie Pai..

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