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    Hisakawa Aya events (1995)

    Some of the events that Aya has appeared in during the year 1995 are as follows.

    1995.01.14New Year Live at Naniwa Wo Hall
    1995.02.19Valentine Live at Nisshin Power Station
    1995.03.28[17:30] Something Dreams '95 at Hibiya Koukaidou
    1995.04.09Kouryuu no Mimi in Tokyo
    1995.05.14Playdia V in Osaka
    1995.05.21Playdia V in Tokyo
    1995.06.10Mamono Hunter Yohko^2 in Tokyo
    1995.06.11Sotsugyou Cross World All Stars On Stage
    1995.06.17Mamono Hunter Yohko^2 in Osaka
    1995.06.18Mamono Hunter Yohko^2 in Nagoya
    1995.07.09Idol Project in Tokyo
    1995.07.30Idol Project in Osaka
    1995.08.01Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin Sailor Moon
    1995.08.12[12:00] Bandai Character Festival Sailor Moon
    1995.09.03Yousei Hime Rain
    1995.09.10Yousei Hime Rain in Osaka
    1995.09.15Game Music Festival
    1995.09.23Gun Smith Cats in Tokyo
    1995.09.24Gun Smith Cats in Osaka
    1995.12.02Hisakawa Aya signing at Hoshino Shoten
    1995.12.03Hisakawa Aya signing at Animate Ikebukuro
    1995.12.22Sailor Moon Supers movie event
    1995.12.24Hisakawa Aya X'mas Live
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