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    Hisakawa Aya DVDs/Blurays/videos

    Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Aya has appeared in are as follows.

    1993.12.21Mamono Hunter Yohko Music Collection (TA-4503S)Song
    1993.??.??Sailor Moon vol 4 (Toei LSTD-01082)Interview
    1993.??.??Sailor Moon vol 9 (Toei LSTD-01110)Skit, Song
    1994.06.21Dreaming Moon (Toei LSTD-01140)Song, Talk
    1994.??.??Aya MailSong, talk, making of video
    1994.??.??Voice Actor 30 III (KMPL-103)Talk
    1995.04.27Aya Mail 3 (VAP VPVQ-66141 VPLQ-76141)Song, Talk
    1995.06.??Bandai Entertainment Magazine 4 (Animate store promotion video)Talk
    1995.08.19It's Say You! vol 1 VHS (COVC-4576)Song
    1995.09.01Gun Smith Cats Chapter Zero (VPVV-63692 and AD Vision VHSGS/001E)Song, Talk
    1995.12.24Aya Mail 1x2 (Anime New 7011P)Song, Talk
    1995.??.??Aozora Shoujotai all-3-OAV VHS collection (Victor)Interview
    1995.??.??Aya Mail 2Song, talk
    1996.02.21It's Say You! vol 1 LD (COLC-3189)Song
    1996.03.26Aya Mail 4 (VAP VPVQ-66142)Song, Talk
    1996.09.06Making of Voogie's Angel (Movic TCVP-9001 ACC-04V ACC-04L)Song, Talk
    1996.fallAozora Shoujotai special videoTalk
    1997.01.18Hisakawa Aya no Kigurumi DaiundoukaiSong/Perform
    1997.08.??Kimi wo Kaerarenai Boku ga TsutawaranaiSong
    1998.07.23Aya Hisakawa Live At Akasaka BlitzSong
    1998.12.21Hisakawa Aya Live Act Vol 2 (VPVQ-66145 VPLQ-76145)Song
    1999.12.18Voice Festival to 2000 (KIVM-250)Stage
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