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Iizuka Mayumi books and magazines (1999)

Some of the books and magazines that Mayumi has appeared in during the year 1999 are as follows.

1999.01.10Animedia February 1999seiyuu message, interview, COLOR/MONO {1/9+1 P}
1999.01.10Newtype February 1999seiyuu hakusho article, COLOR {2 P}
1999.01.22Voice Animage 24articles, COLOR/MONO {4+1 P}
1999.01.25Looker March 1999column, COLOR {1 P}
1999.02.25Looker April 1999article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.02.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 18article, COLOR {3 P}
1999.03.10AX April 1999poster, COLOR
1999.03.25Looker May 1999article, COLOR/MONO {1+1/2 P}
1999.04.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 19article, COLOR {3 P}
1999.04.26Voice Radimagearticles, CT label, COLOR {4+2 P, cover}
1999.05.10Newtype June 1999Orphen article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.06.10Animedia July 1999CD article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.06.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 20articles, COLOR {1+1/2 P}
1999.07.10Newtype August 1999CD article, COLOR {1/4 P}
1999.08.07Animedia September 1999Anime Expo report, COLOR {1 P}
1999.08.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 21articles, COLOR {2+3 P}
1999.09.03The Playstation volume 163article, COLOR {1 P}
1999.09.10Newtype October 1999DVD CM, COLOR {2 P}
1999.10.09Animedia November 1999live report, COLOR {1/2 P}
1999.10.25Voice Radimage 2articles, COLOR {2+2+1/2 P}
1999.10.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 22articles, interview, COLOR/MONO {cover, 6+1/2+1/2+4 P}
1999.11.10Animedia December 1999Weiss article, radio article, MONO {2+1 P}
1999.12.10Animedia January 2000Xmas article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1999.12.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 23articles, interview, COLOR/MONO {4+1/2+1+1/6+5 P}
1999.12.30Dengeki G's Magazine February 2000Yuukyuu live report, COLOR {1 P}