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  • Bushiroad Music Party 7

    title Bushiroad Music Party 7
    date 2019.02.18
    host Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    guest Terakawa Aimi ()
    archive https://agonp.jp/play/3579

    This was the 7th broadcast of Bushiroad Music Party. The guest was Aimi. She was the first guest on this program.

    The 6 Bang Dream CD singles will go on sale this week on 2/20.

    The first song they played was "Safe and Sound" by Roselia, one of the CDs going on sale 2/20. This was also the ending song to the TV anime Bang Dream 2nd Season.

    After the song, Aimi appeared. She talked about the Poppin' Party album "Poppin On", which went on sale last month. There was one package, so Haruka opened it and showed off the contents. Poppin On has some new acoustic versions of some songs, and Aimi talked about the songs.

    After that they talked some more. Aimi said she has a driver's license and actually does drive. Aimi also said she wanted Sawako to cook for her, but Haruka laughed and said Sawako probably can't cook well.

    Then they played the song "Jumpin" by Poppin Party, another one of the CDs going on sale 2/20. This song is also the ending song to Bang Dream 2nd Season.

    The next corner was the "ari nashi" corner, but since they ran out of time, they only did one question.

    The last song they played was "What's the Popipa", the coupling song of the CD single "Jumpin".

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