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  • Music Party 15

    title Music Party 15
    date 2019.04.15
    host Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)

    This was the 15th broadcast of Music Party.

    It was already mid-April, so Sawako and Haruka gave advise to new workers, who started working at companies from April.

    Haruka said she does some training (exercising) while watching TV.

    Sawako said she tried doing squats, but she gave up after just one day.

    Haruka said she doesn't like whipped cream, so she always moves most of the whipped cream off of her shortcake when she eats strawberry shortcake. Then she eats the strawberry with a little bit of the whipped cream.

    Sawako said she doesn't like sour things.

    The first song they played was Sawako's choice, "Silhoutte". She said she learned of this song though the Bang Dream game.

    The next corner was the "ari nashi" corner.

    The second song they played was Haruka's choice, "Dramatic", which was the theme song to Haruka's debut anime Hachimitsu and Clover.

    Sawako and Haruka's DVD "Girls Travel Dream Date in Nikkou" will go on sale 5/1. The first press comes with a 50 page booklet.

    At the end, Haruka and Sawako gave out information on their upcoming events. Sawako will appear at an event for the game Tenka Hyakken.

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