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  • Bushiroad Music Party 8

    title Bushiroad Music Party 8
    date 2019.02.25
    host Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    archive https://agonp.jp/play/3580

    This was the 8th broadcast of Bushiroad Music Party.

    The first song they played was "A Declaration of XXX", which was the second single by Raise A Suilen.

    Haruka and Sawako both have blogs, but both don't write that much. Haruka just wrote something recently, but Sawako hadn't written anything yet this year. Then Haruka asked her to write something about the Bang Dream 7th live.
    (This was recorded before the 7th live.)

    Sawako said she bought a pressure cooker recently. She said she's glad to have bought it.

    The second song they played was "99 Illusion", which was the theme song to the Revue Starlight play.

    The next corner was the cupid corner.

    The next song they played was "Maru Sankaku Kazoku" by Tomatsu Haruka and Hanazawa Kana, from the anime To Loveru.

    There will be a second cover album from Girls Band Party going on sale 3/16.

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