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  • Music Party 13

    title Music Party 13
    date 2019.04.01
    host Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)

    This was the 13th broadcast of Music Party.
    This was the first broadcast after the sponsor change, and there was no archive on the AG-ON Premium site.

    Both Sawako and Haruka said that they don't buy CDs any more, as they just buy the downloads.

    Sawako and Haruka will release a DVD "Girls Travel Dream Date in Nikkou". It will go on sale 5/1 for 5000 yen (+tax). There will also be an event for this DVD, and they talked about this DVD a little.

    Then they read some mails and talked.

    Sawako said her older sister is 12 years older than her, and her brother is 10 years older. Haruka has a younger brother, 3 years younger than her.

    The first song they played was Sawako's choice, "For Fruits basket" by Okazaki Ritsuko.

    The next corner was the girls "ari nashi" corner.

    There was a question about eating the tail of a fried shrimp. Sawako said that she eats it. She can even eat the shell if it's cooked. Haruka said she doesn't eat the tail.

    The next song they played was Haruka's choice, "Maji Love 1000%".

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