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    Iwao Junko CDs (singles)

    Junko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    1994.11.18Sutekina Melissa (PCDG-00071)Song
    1995.03.17Shutter Chance no Renzoku (PCDG-00073)Song
    1995.07.05Osakana Penguin no Theme (PCDG-074)Song
    1996.04.17Senobi wo Shite Follow You (TYDY-2065)Song
    1996.06.12Aikawa Akane (TYDY-2071)Song
    1996.07.26Noel Special Edition CD singleSong
    1996.12.21Fire! (CODC-1090)Song
    1997.07.18Teno Hira no UchuuSong/Data
    1997.08.??Cage IItalk
    1998.06.17Tsubasa Hirogete.. [Claire Corraine] (PCDB-012)Song/Talk
    1998.06.24Character Single Tomoyo (VIDL-30227)Song/Talk
    1998.12.18Sorairo no Kaze (PCDG-103)Song
    1999.01.20Ko-Ko Paradise [PPP]/Fly Over to You (ZMDZ-147)Song
    1999.02.17Sotsugyou (PCDG-104)Song
    1999.04.21Dream On (PCDG-106)Song
    1999.07.16Over The Rainbow (TYDY-2124)Song
    1999.10.20Watashi ni Kaerou (PCDA-1189)Song
    1999.11.20Fruits Candy (VIDL-30454)Song
    2000.04.19Scarlet (PCCA-1430)Song
    2000.07.19Boku wo Waratte (PCCA-01450)Song
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