Kasahara Hiroko DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Hiroko has appeared in are as follows.

1989.??.??Assemble Insert 1 (50L6-8057)Skit
1990.??.??Seiyuu he no Michi (WPLL-8076)Talk
1992.??.??Patlabor Concert Tour 1992 (VAP VPLQ-70203)Interview, Song
1993.08.10Mind Gallery (WEA Japan WPVL-8156 WPLL-8156)Song, Talk
1994.11.10Hiroko LD Collection (WEA Japan WPL6-8101 WPL6-8102)Song, Talk
1995.02.25Precious Time "Live at Theater Sunmall 94" 1 (WEA Japan WPL6-8103)Song, Talk
1995.02.25Precious Time "Live at Theater Sunmall 94" 2 (WEA Japan WPL6-8104)Song, Talk
1995.04.??Armitage III vol 1 (Pioneer US release)Talk
1995.??.??DNA^2 File 2 (BELL-757)Interview
1996.??.??Rayearth Chapter 2 vol.3 (POLV-3113)Talk
1996.??.??Tea for Me (WEA Japan WPV6-8106 WPL6-8106)Song, Talk
1997.01.25Seiyuu Hakusho 10 (BES-1522 BELL-959)Perform
1999.03.24Feel Happy Together (WPV7-90001 WPL7-90001)Song
2000.03.24Take the "K" Train -Akasaka Blitz Live (PIBA-1090)Song
2000.11.22Yuukyuu Final Concert (SDVC-00001 SDDV-00001)Song, Skit

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