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    Kasahara Rumi events

    Some of the events that Rumi has appeared in are as follows.

    1995.06.11Sotsugyou Cross World All Stars On Stage
    1995.07.26Something Dreams '95 Summer Special
    1995.08.03Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin
    1995.08.12[11:00/13:00] Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin
    1996.03.23Ojousama Sousamou in Tokyo
    1996.03.30Ojousama Sousamou in Osaka
    1996.03.31Charity Event in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
    1996.05.19EMU Live in Akasaka Blitz
    1996.06.23NEC PC-FX Anime Festival
    1996.08.03Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
    1996.08.28Something Dreams '96
    1996.11.03Seiyuu Collection
    1996.12.24Kusao Takeshi with Pretty in White
    1997.05.04Kamiya Akira Fureai Concert
    1997.07.24Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Island
    1997.10.10Ebisu Garden Place 3rd Anniversary event "Mitai! Shiritai! Akogare no seiyuutachi no subete!"
    1997.11.01Halloween Festa 97 Nare Doll Night
    1998.10.09Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998 [business day]
    1999.03.31Anzu Last Live
    1999.07.24Rost CD event in Osaka
    1999.08.01Rost public recording event
    1999.08.07Rost CD event in Tokyo
    2000.07.22Tokyo Character Show
    2000.12.23Anison Joshibu Xmas Live
    2001.10.14Sei Rost Gakuen Halloween Party
    2001.12.23[11:30] Idea (Rost) event at Gamers
    2002.02.03Rost event
    2002.05.18Sei Rost Gakuen Graduation event
    2003.03.30[18:00] AN's 5th Anniversary Love & Peace in Hamamatsucho Junk Box
    2011.07.29-2011.07.31Sakura Taisen New York Hoshi Gumi Live 2011
    2011.10.07[18:00] Sakura Taisen Budoukan Live 2
    2012.08.31[18:00] Sakura Taisen
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