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Mannaka Yukiko events

Some of the events that Yukiko has appeared in are as follows.

1997.04.05Tokyo Game Show
1997.04.06Tokyo Game Show
1997.07.30Sentimental Graffiti the Fineday
1997.08.27Sentimental Graffiti concert
1998.03.20[13:00] Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998 Banpresto booth
1998.05.04SG 12's Shop
1998.05.17Sentimental Graffiti in Osaka
1998.08.02Tokyo Character Show 1998
1998.08.16Sentimental Graffiti concert in Nakano Sun Plaza
1998.10.04Tales of Destiny public radio drama at Aoni Museum
1998.10.11Museum Character Name Happyoushiki Mannaka Yukiko Talk Show
1998.12.06Mannaka Yukiko Birthday Talk Self Portrait Day
1999.01.23Sentimental Journey Final Character Collection Box hatsubai kinen
1999.03.20Tokyo Game Show Spring 1999
1999.04.25Mannaka Yukiko no Atarasiki Tabidachi at Aoni Museum
1999.07.03Sorrel Mini Talk Live Vol.2 at Aoni Museum
1999.07.24Tokyo Character Show 1999
1999.08.12Aoni Museum 1 Year Anniversary event
1999.09.18Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
1999.10.02Voice Festival 2000
1999.10.03Voice Festival 2000
2000.03.30One Piece Soundtrack hatsubai kinen event at Ikebukuro Sunshine
2000.04.02Tokyo Game Show Spring 2000
2000.08.12Dengonkun Fair at Aoni Museum
2000.09.17[14:00/17:00] Talk Live at Aoni Museum
2000.09.24Tokyo Game Show 2000 Autumn
2000.10.08[13:30] Chara Won Contest at Isetan Shinkan F&F Kichijoji
2000.10.18Kichijouji Character Wonderland 2000 at Kichijouji Station
2000.12.17Mannaka Yukiko -Birthday & Xmas Event- at Aoni Museum
2001.05.03Mannaka Yukiko Sound Pack event -Ohajiki hen- at Aoni Museum
2001.12.09[14:00] Mannaka Yukiko Sound Pack Cloted Dream
2001.12.09[17:00] Mannaka Yukiko Sound Pack Cloted Dream
2002.04.13Groover Abare Matsuri at Astro Hall
2002.11.04[14:00] Mannaka Yukiko Reading + Talking Event Furikae Kyuujitsu
2004.08.12[20:00] Oretachi no Mangadou public recording
2004.09.25[18:30] Voice Fair 2004 III at Uchisaiwaichou Hall