Nakayama Manami books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Manami has appeared in are as follows.

1994.09.??Virtual Idol 1PV article, COLOR {1/2 P}
1995.04.18Voice Animage 2article, MONO {1/2 P}
1995.12.02Virtual Idol 6It's Say You 3 article, MONO {1 P}
1998.01.25Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 15Ancient Roman article, COLOR {4 P}
1998.01.30Voice Animage 18Sotsugyou III article, MONO {1 P}
1998.03.10Animedia April 1998Sotsugyou III article, MONO {1/4 P}
1998.04.25Sotsugyou III Memorial Bookmessage, live report, COLOR {1+1 P}
1998.05.22Voice Animage 20Sotsugyou III article, COLOR {2 P}
1998.05.27Game Voice 2Ojousama Express article, MONO {1/4 P}
1998.07.10Dengeki B-Magazine August 1998Ojousama Express article, COLOR {1/4 P}
2000.06.16Super Real Mahjong Visual Fanbookinterview, ? {1 P}

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