Natsuki Rio events

Some of the events that Rio has appeared in are as follows.

1995.04.15Doki Doki Waku Waku Panic Tour in Tokyo
1995.04.23Princess Minerva in Tokyo
1996.08.23Tokyo Game Show '96
1996.08.24Tokyo Game Show '96
1997.05.10Dai Undoukai event in Osaka
1997.05.11Dai Undoukai event in Tokyo
1997.05.17Dai Undoukai event in Kobe
1997.05.18Dai Undoukai event in Tokyo
1997.05.24Dai Undoukai event in Nagoya
1997.05.31Orikasa Ai's Moonlight Cafe
1997.09.07Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
1998.02.07Radio ROM event at Animate Akihabara
1998.02.14Natsuki Rio first album event in Ishimaru Soft One
1998.02.15Natsuki Rio first album event in Nagoya
1998.02.21El Hazard showing and talk event
1998.02.22Natsuki Rio first album event in Sendai
1998.07.12Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Fukuoka
1998.07.19Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Osaka
1998.07.20Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Nagoya
1998.07.25Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Sapporo
1998.07.26Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Sapporo
1998.08.09Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Sapporo
1998.08.16Radio Rom Lunch event
1998.08.232nd Ani Raji Festival
1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1998.10.11Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1998.11.23Natsuki Rio talk and live in Koudaisai 98
1999.01.17Radio ROM Last event in T-Zone Shinjuku
1999.02.07Idol and Anime Card Festival 99
1999.12.24Minnade Utaou! Christmas
2000.01.23AIC Bishoujo Animation Cel Work event talk show
2000.02.11At Hot Legs live
2000.08.05Natsuki Rio Asakawa Yuu live "Second Stage"
2001.02.11World Hobby Festival Ariake 4
2001.07.08Mayuta and Stages
2001.07.22AIC Bishoujo Animation Cel Art Ten in Sendai
2001.09.094th Stages
2001.12.09Special Live in Area Takadanobaba
2002.08.11Toho Gakuen Housou Seiyuu Ka Taiken Nyuugaku
2002.10.13[14:00] Seesonic Lavel CD event
2002.10.14Seesonic Lavel 2 CD mini live in TB Hall
2002.10.208th Stage in Astro Hall
2011.04.09[13:20] Iwao Junko no Sweet Tweet Time

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