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    Sasaki Mikoi Internet broadcasts

    Some of the Internet broadcasts that Mikoi has appeared in are as follows.

    2010.10.12-Milky Holmes Tantei Gakuin Houshoushitsu 2 [radio]personality
    2013.02.01-Milky Holmes Turbo [radio]personality
    2013.02.28-Harugaku Jidoushabu [HiBiKi]personality
    2016.11.22Kemono Friends Hour 1 [live]host
    2016.12.06Kemono Friends Hour 2 [live]host
    2016.12.20Kemono Friends Hour 3 [live]host
    2017.01.03Kemono Friends Hour 4 [live]host
    2017.01.10Kemono Friends Hour 5 [live]host
    2017.01.24Kemono Friends Hour 6 [live]host
    2017.01.27Let's Weiss Schwarz 1 [live]host
    2017.01.30Bushiroad Senryaku Happyoukai 2017 Fuyuguest
    2017.02.07Kemono Friends Hour 7 [live]host
    2017.02.17Let's Weiss Schwarz 2 [live]host
    2017.03.07Kemono Friends Hour 8 [live]host
    2017.03.17Let's Weiss Schwarz 3 [live]host
    2017.04.07Let's Weiss Schwarz 4 [live]host
    2017.04.12Makeruna! Aku no Niconama! 3guest
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Bang Dream talk [live]emcee
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Hina Logic stage [live]guest
    2017.05.06Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Vanguard G Next [live]guest
    2017.05.18Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 51host
    2017.05.24Kemono Friends Hour 9 [live]host
    2017.05.26Let's Weiss Schwarz 5 [live]host
    2017.06.01Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 52host
    2017.06.09Let's Weiss Schwarz 6 [live]host
    2017.06.21Kemono Friends Hour 10 [live]host
    2017.06.22Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 53host
    2017.07.06Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 54host
    2017.07.07Let's Weiss Schwarz 7 [live]host
    2017.07.20Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 55host
    2017.07.26Kemono Friends Hour 11 [live]host
    2017.07.27Shiro Chronicle Joker 16guest
    2017.08.03Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 56host
    2017.08.04Let's Weiss Schwarz 8 [live]host
    2017.08.16Kemono Friends Hour 12 [live]host
    2017.09.14Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 58host
    2017.09.15Let's Weiss Schwarz 9 [live]host
    2017.09.27Kemono Friends Hour 13 [live]host
    2017.09.28Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 59host
    2017.10.12Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 60host
    2017.10.18Kemono Friends Hour 14 [live]host
    2017.10.26Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 61host
    2017.10.27Let's Weiss Schwarz 10 [live]host
    2017.10.29Future Card Buddy Fight talk show in Osakaguest
    2017.11.09Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 62host
    2017.11.10Let's Weiss Schwarz 11 [live]host
    2017.11.22Kemono Friends Hour 15 [live]host
    2017.11.26Girls Band Party! Cup Ouen Tokubanemcee
    2017.12.02Kemono Friends Live Osaka Tuka Kouen [live]guest
    2017.12.07Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 64host
    2017.12.15Let's Weiss Schwarz 12 [live]host
    2017.12.20Kemono Friends Hour 16 [live]host
    2017.12.21Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 65host
    2017.12.25Butai Kemono Friends Christmas SPhost
    2017.12.31Kemono Friends Nenmatsu Tokuban [live]guest
    2018.01.21Kemono Friends Musical final day live broadcastplay
    2018.01.24Kemono Friends Hour 17 [live]host
    2018.01.25Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 66host
    2018.01.26Let's Weiss Schwarz 13 [live]host
    2018.02.15Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 67host
    2018.02.21Kemono Friends Hour 18 [live]host
    2018.02.22Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 68host
    2018.02.23Let's Weiss Schwarz 14 [live]host
    2018.02.28Hibiki Fan Club Namahousouhost
    2018.03.08Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 69host
    2018.03.22Chaos TCG Jouhoukyoku 70host
    2018.03.23Let's Weiss Schwarz 15 [live]host
    2018.03.28Kemono Friends Hour 19 [live]host
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