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    Shibahara Chiyako events

    Some of the events that Chiyako has appeared in are as follows.

    1996.08.10Shou Comi Night public recording
    1997.07.05Anime Expo
    1997.07.06Anime Expo
    1997.07.13Super Ani Mega Hit Top 10 & Key the Metal Idol
    1998.01.15Radish Roxs talk and live
    1998.01.18Radish Roxs event in Akihabara
    1998.01.25Radish Roxs handshake session
    1998.03.01Radish Roxs audition
    1998.05.30Hyper Police Final event
    1998.08.232nd Ani Raji Festival
    1999.03.31Anzu Last Live
    2003.03.30[18:00] AN's 5th Anniversary Love & Peace in Hamamatsucho Junk Box
    2008.03.16[14:00/17:30] Iwao Junko live 2008 -Hitorijanai vol8-
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