Takada Yuuki CDs

Some of the CDs that Yuuki has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Yuuki has not released any solo CDs.

Miscellaneous CDs

Yuuki appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2017.02.08Now Singing (ZMCZ-10927)Song
2017.03.15Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon Character Song Mini Album (LACA-15636)Song
2017.09.26Blue Reflection -Ouverture-Talk
2018.04.11Cinderella Girls Master Seasons Spring! (COCC-17334)Song/Talk
2021.09.22Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon S Character Song Album (LACA-15892)Song
2022.02.09Umamusume Pretty Derby Winning Live 03 (LACA-15930)Song

CD Singles

Yuuki appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2016.07.27Now Loading [fourfolium] (ZMCZ-10786)Song
2016.07.27Sakura Skip [fourfolium] (ZMCZ-10785)Song
2017.02.08Ishukan Communication [Chorogons] (LACM-14566)Song
2017.03.15The Idolm@ster Cinderella Master 048 (COCC-17288)Song
2017.07.26Jumpin' Jump Up (ZMCZ-11296)Song
2017.07.26Step by Step Up (ZMCZ-11295)Song
2017.08.23New Game Character Song CD Series Vocal Stage 1 (ZMCZ-11301)Song
2017.08.30Startline (VICL-37293)Song
2018.01.10Cinderella Girls Little Stars! Snow * Love (COCC-17393)Song
2018.01.24Colors Power ni Omakasero! (MFCZ-1093)Song
2018.01.24Miracle Colors Honjitsu mo Ijounashi! (MFCZ-1095)Song
2018.02.21Mitsuboshi Colors Character Song Series 01 Yui (MFCZ-1097)Song
2018.03.14Cinderella Girls Starlight Master 15 Sakura no Koro (COCC-17155)Song
2019.06.19Cinderella Girls Little Stars! Takamari Climax!! (COCC-17613)Song
2019.06.19Natsukage (VICL-37480)Song
2019.12.11Cinderella Girls Starlight Master 34 (COCC-17524)Song
2020.07.15Cinderella Girls Starlight Master 40 (COCC-17530)Song
2020.10.07Cinderella Girls Starlight Master Gold Rush! 02 (COCC-17832)Song
2021.11.17Cinderella Girls Starlight Master Gold Rush! 12 (COCC-17842)Song
2021.11.24Everlasting (COCC-17949)Song
2023.01.11Cinderella Girls Starlight Master R/Lock On! 12 (COCC-17982)Song
2023.06.14Cinderella Girls Starlight Master R/Lock On! 17 (COCC-17987)Song
2023.09.13Cinderella Girls Starlight Master Platinum Number 08 (COCC-18068)Song
2024.02.28Cinderella Master Pajama Jama (COCC-18166)Song

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