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    Takagaki Ayahi TV appearances

    Some of the tv that Ayahi has appeared in are as follows.

    2009.07.21Run Run LAN! (TV Kanagawa)Guest
    2010.07.18M-ON! Sphere Special part 1Interview, Video Clips
    2010.08.15M-ON! Sphere Special part 2Interview, Video Clips
    2010.09.19M-ON! Sphere Special part 3Interview, Video Clips
    2011.04.03Music JapanLive perfomance
    2012.01.02Anison PlusSphere live performance
    2016.12.04Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.4 (2nd day 2nd half)performance
    2017.05.20LisAni! Live 2017 Saturday Stage [M-ON]concert {Sphere}
    2019.10.16-Gekidan Sphereacting
    2020.04.25LisAni! Live 2020 Sunday Stage [M-ON]concert {Sphere}
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