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    Akesaka Satomi CDs (single)

    Satomi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2006.10.25Uchuu de Koi ha Rurun Rune (LACM-4300)Song
    2008.05.23Kimi ha Boku no Energy (BRDF-3104)Song/Talk
    2008.11.05Nisemono [Friends] (KICM-3175)Song
    2010.08.11Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou! (LASM-4058)Song
    2010.08.25Mitsudomoe Character Song 2 Futaba (LASM-4068)Song
    2010.09.22Masaka Sanransei!? (LASM-4070)Song
    2011.01.26Waga Naha Shougakusei (LASM-4092)Song
    2011.04.27Rulebook wo Wasurechae (LHCM-31091)Song
    2011.05.18Kagerou (PCCG-01173)Song
    2011.05.18Sengoku Groove (PCCG-70115)Song
    2011.08.24Akeban (MHCL-1956)Song
    2014.03.26Little Challenger (AVCA-74099)Song
    2014.04.23Gokujou Smile (AVCA-74101)Song
    2017.04.19Black Shout (BRMM-10086)Song/Talk
    2017.06.28Re:Birthday (BRMM-10091)Song/Talk
    2017.08.30Nesshoku Starmine (BRMM-10094)Song
    2017.11.29Oneness (BRMM-10103)Song
    2018.03.21Opera of the Wasteland (BRMM-10111)Song

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