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  • Da Capo related CDs

    There were MANY Da Capo (ダ・カーポ) related CDs released.

    The following are just some of the CDs, related to Da Capo, D.C. II -Da Capo II-, D.C. III -Da Capo III-, and other games and TV series.

    date CD
    2003.08.27 Da Capo Character Image song Vol.1 (Nogawa Sakura, Matsuki Miyu)
    2004.04.07 D.C.P.S. Character Image Song Vol.1
    2004.07.07 D.C.P.S. Character Image Song Vol.2
    2004.07.22 Hatsunejima Drama Theater chapter 1 Sakura
    2004.08.25 Hatsunejima Drama Theater chapter 2 Kotori
    2005.09.07 D.C.S.S. Character Song Aisia
    2006.02.08 D.C.F.S. Vocal Mini Album
    2006.10.25 Dream On
    2006.12.13 D.C. II Character Song Album
    2007.12.26 Da Capo II Character Song Vol 2 (Tsukishima Koko)
    2008.01.23 Sakura Emi Kimi Omou (Nanaka Band)
    2008.02.27 Da Capo II Character Song Vol 3 (Shirakawa Nanaka)
    2008.02.27 Da Capo II Character Song Vol 4 (Yukimura Anzu)
    2008.04.09 Da Capo II Character Song Vol 5 (Asakura Yume)
    2008.04.09 Da Capo II Character Song Vol 6 (Asakura Otome)
    2009.03.25 Ai no Sora (Shirakawa Kotori)
    2012.06.29 Shiny Steps!! (Mimori Suzuko, Terakawa Aimi)
    2012.11.30 D.C.III Drama CD Collection vol.3
    2012.12.28 D.C.III Drama CD Collection vol.4
    2013.02.13 D.C.III Ending Theme
    2013.04.24 D.C.III Original Sound Tracks and Image Songs

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