Priconne Character Song 23

Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 23

released 2021.09.29
1300 yen + tax

This CD contains character songs for the game Princess Connect Re:Dive.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Only Only You [Eriko]
  2. ジャストアモーメント! [Nozomi, Chika, Tsumugi]
  3. Only Only You (original karaoke)
  4. ジャストアモーメント! (original karaoke)
  5. ジャストアモーメント! Nozomi solo remix [Hikasa Youko]
  6. ジャストアモーメント! Chika solo remix [Fukuhara Ayaka]
  7. ジャストアモーメント! Tsumugi solo remix [Kido Ibuki]
Songs and talk by the following cast.

ErikoHashimoto Chinami
NozomiHikasa Youko
ChikaFukuhara Ayaka
TsumugiKido Ibuki

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