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    Hashimoto Asobi events

    Some of the events that Asobi has appeared in are as follows.

    1996.05.08Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
    1996.05.15Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
    1996.07.26-1996.09.29Kaitou Saint Tail musical
    1996.12.24-1996.12.27Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Fukuoka
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Osaka
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Tokyo
    1997.02.21-1997.02.23Gekkou no Fuan
    1997.03.30Dream Power Matsuri at Yomiuri Land
    1997.04.03Haru Mankai Concert
    1997.04.26Sakurai Tomo event
    1997.06.06Yuuseioujo talk and sign session in Animate Fukuoka
    1997.06.21Yuuseioujo debut event
    1997.06.29Yuuseioujo event in Animate Abeno
    1997.06.29Yuuseioujo event in Animate Kyoto
    1997.08.02Taxi Company event in Yokohama Sogo
    1997.08.02Tomo Natsu 97 in Odaiba
    1997.08.29Tomo Natsu 97 in Nagaoka
    1997.12.24Christmas Fantasy Live
    1998.02.11Valentine Aid
    1998.04.08-1998.04.12Haru no Bikkuri Kouen '98
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