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Hayashibara Megumi events

Some of the events that Megumi has appeared in are as follows.

1990.03.03-1990.03.047th Nihon Anime Festival
1991.03.29Hayashibara Megumi video and signing session in Sendai
1991.04.01Hayashibara Megumi album event in Tokyo
1992.08.12Starchild Anime Festival in Nagoya
1992.08.19Starchild Anime Festival in Sendai
1992.08.20Starchild Anime Festival in Toshima Koukaidou
1992.08.22Starchild Anime Festival in Fukuoka
1992.08.26Starchild Anime Festival in Osaka
1992.08.27Starchild Anime Festival in Osaka
1993.06.13Heartful Station public recording in Osaka
1993.06.26Anime America
1993.08.11Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Toshima Koukaidou
1993.08.17Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Nagoya
1993.08.23Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Kyoto
1993.08.24Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Hiroshima
1994.03.30Tokyo Boogie Night 100 broadcast event
1994.06.05Tokyo Toy Show
1994.06.25Starchild Event
1994.08.06Sega Starchild Event
1994.08.15Sunday 94 Summer Genki Matsuri
1994.08.23Bakuretsu Hunter Public Recording
1994.12.10Blue Seed at Yokohama
1994.12.18Blue Seed in Hachioji
1994.12.18Blue Seed in Ogikubo
1994.12.27Haoujuku Public Recording
1995.01.14Sega/Starchild Event in Tokyo
1995.01.29Ranma 1/2 Carnival 1995
1995.02.16Nowanchatte Say You Public Recording
1995.04.25Okui Masami Live
1995.04.293x3 Eyes in Tokyo
1995.05.073x3 Eyes in Osaka
1995.06.03Tokyo Toy Show
1995.06.04Tokyo Toy Show
1995.07.07Anime America
1995.08.06Anime Film Marathon in Nagoya
1995.08.28Shadow Skill preview
1997.02.01Evangelion movie event in Sapporo
1997.02.16Evangelion movie event in Kyuushuu
1997.02.23Evangelion movie event in Shibuya Koukaidou
1997.03.27Slayers new TV series event
1997.07.21Manatsu no Gakuensai at Shinjuku Island
1997.07.21Manatsu no Gakuensai at Tokyo Hilton Hotel
1997.08.03Slayers Great opening message
1997.08.11Heartful Station 300th event
1997.11.09AM Kobe Radio Festival
1998.03.28Slayers/Lost Universe event
1998.04.01Tokyo Boogie Night 300th event
1999.07.25Heartful Station event
1999.10.31Shinjuku HMV South in store talk show
1999.11.10Fuwari talk event in Tower Records Shibuya
2000.01.30Love Hina comic image album event
2000.08.06Love Live Hina in Zepp Osaka
2000.10.08Love Hina live in On Air East
2001.04.29Heartful Station 500th broadcast event in Kobe
2001.05.05[13:45] Kodomo no Hi Anime Yuuenchi at NHK Shibuya
2001.07.08[13:00] TV anime Sherman King event
2001.07.28[13:00] Movie Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira Special Event in Osaka
2001.07.28[17:00] Movie Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira Special Event in Nagoya
2001.07.29Countdown Sunday at Studio Sola
2001.09.01Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira movie greeting at Shibuya Tokyuu 3
2001.12.09[12:00] Countdown Sunday public recording
2001.12.09Slayers Festival 2001
2001.12.22[09:30] Slayers Premium movie talk at Shibuya Tokyuu 3
2001.12.22[10:55] Slayers Premium movie talk at Shinjuku Toei Palace 2
2002.01.27Tokyo Boogie Night 500th event in Yuuport
2002.03.31[15:00] Starchild Festival 2002 Spring
2002.10.13FM Fukuoka Presents Hayashibara Megumi talk event "Koibbumi"
2002.12.21[12:00] Jump Festa 2003 [main stage] Shaman King
2003.03.29[24:00] Newtype 18th Anniversary and Best Anime event
2003.05.11Heartful Station public recording in Utsunomiya
2003.05.25Heartful Station public recording in Koganei
2003.06.21Heartful Station public recording
2003.06.22Heartful Station public recording
2003.07.27Heartful Station 600 broadcast public recording in Kobe
2003.10.26[14:00] Starchild Dream in Kobe 2003
2003.11.23[15:00] PS2 Evangelion 2 event in Hirose Musen 5F
2004.03.27[16:30] Tokyo Boogie Night 600th public recording in Tokyo
2005.04.17Heartful Station 700th public recording event
2006.04.30[15:00] Tokyo Boogie Night 700 Kinen public recording
2007.04.21[14:00] Heartful Station event in Kobe
2007.11.03[16:00] Tokyo Boogie Night over 800 broadcast public recording
2009.03.07[16:00] Heartful Station 900th broadcast public recording
2009.10.04[14:15/18:45] Tokyo Boogie Night 900 Kinen public recording and concert
2010.11.21[16:00] Heartful Station public recording
2011.03.13[13:00/18:00] Hypnagogia -Sound Theatre- Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
2011.06.11[17:00] Tokyo Boogie Night public recording/concert Nakano Sun Plaza
2012.10.13[22:30] Cowboy Bebop All Night Jouei Event Roppongi
2013.03.23[14:00] Pokemon Radio Show! Rocket Dan Himitsu Keikoku Secret Live