Hiramatsu Akiko events

Some of the events that Akiko has appeared in are as follows.

1987.08.26[13:00] Bubblegum Crisis 2 event at Kudan Kaikan (Tokyo)
1988.07.17[12:00] Bubblegum Crisis 4 event at Chiyoda Koukaidou (Tokyo)
1988.12.04[13:00] Bubblegum Crisis 5 event at Toranomon (Tokyo)
1994.09.25Taiho Shichauzo Completion Event
1995.02.16Nowanchatte Say You Public Recording
1995.05.27GAT event in Saitama
1995.07.15Animate Shizuoka Opening Event
1995.07.30Voice Actor Super in Osaka
1995.08.28YAG Spark
1996.06.22NEC PC-FX Anime Festival
1996.09.03Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
1997.04.13Taiho Shichauzo Bokutou DJ Special event at Amazing Square
1998.02.01Radio ROM event at T Zone Shinjuku
1998.05.10Radio ROM Midnight event
1998.05.30Eberu Nights public recording
1998.08.232nd Ani Raji Festival
2001.03.25Taiho Shichauzo event in TBS Hall
2003.03.29[14:00] dot hack event in Nihon Seinenkan
2003.05.11[13:30] dot hack//Final the World Party in Fukuoka
2008.09.23[15:00] Tales of Festival 2008

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