Hiramatsu Akiko DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Akiko has appeared in are as follows.

1988.??.??10 Little Gall Force [Animeigo release]Song, Talk
1989.??.??Bubblegum Crisis Hurricane Live [Animeigo release]Song
1991.02.27Bye2 Knight Sabers (TOVF-1106 TOLF-1106)Song
1995.02.21Taiho Shichauzo File 2 1/2 "Soshite Minna De Utaou"Song
1995.08.21Voice Actor 30 Series Super 2 (TKPV-202 TKPL-202)Talk
1996.04.19Seiyuu Daisuki Video Special (MRVA-10004)Talk
2001.05.10AX June 2001 [DVD]talk

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