Mon Dora Channel 5

title Mon Dora Channel 5
date 2017.02.12
host Hata Sawako (»)
guests Murai Risako

This was the 5th broadcast of Mon Dora Channel, a two hour show for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

Sawako was wearing a light brown sweater, and her hair was up.

The first corner was the gacha contest between Sawako, Risako, and Mr. Umezu. Everyone had to do some draws, and the one who gest the most points is the winner. The scoring was 2 points for each special character and 1 point for each 5 star character.

The loser must eat a chocolate that Mr. Umezu made. It was a Russian roulette chocolate. He made 7 chocolates, but only one of them was "safe". The other 6 have the something inside them.

They did 40 draws (4 x 10), and the results were as follows.

Mr. Umezu 0, 1, 0, 0 1
Risako 0, 0, 0, 0 0
Sawako 1, 0, 2, 0 3

Risako was the loser, so she had to eat one of the chocolates. She choose one and ate it. She screamed out. She said there was wasabi in the chocolate.

Then Mr.Umezu ate one too. He got the one with mustard in it. Then they made two of the staff members eat some too.

There were still three chocolates left, with one being "safe". Then Sawako ate one, even though she was the winner. Sawako didn't show any reaction. They though she had chosen the safe one, but Sawako said it was wasabi. But she said it tasted good!

Mr. Umezu said the chocolates he made were wasabi, mustard, and tabasco. For each there was one with lots and one with just a little.

The next corner was a quiz for Risako.

It started with simple questions but became harder and harder. She gets game diamonds for each question she answers correctly. But if she misses, she loses all of the diamonds. In the later questions, Sawako and Mr. Umezu gave lots of hints.. sometimes giving the full answer. Risako went to the end and answered all 20 questions. So she got 200 diamonds.

There was one extra question for 100 diamonds, but Risako couldn't answer it so she gave up and took the 200 diamonds.

The next corner was a training battle between Risako and Mr. Umezu. Mr. Umezu didn't use a strong team, and let Risako win. After the battle, Mr. Umezu gave lots of hints and ideas to make Risako's team better. Risako will battle against another idol player next month.

In the next corner, they read mails from the viewers. The mails were about the theme Valentine's Day.

Sawako said she used to work at a cake store. She said things taste better when eaten early, even if the expiration date was still far off in the future.

Risako said she likes soft chocolates, and also warm ones.

Sawako said she doesn't like chocolates that much. She said she likes the crunch chocolates at Disneyland. She also likes Royce potato chip chocolates.

The next corner was the Mondora information corner. They gave information on the upcoming events, and software updates.

At the end of the broadcast, Risako said that her throat was still hurting from the wasabi. Mr. Umezu said he squeezed the wasabi tube three times for the worst one. For the other one he just squeezed the tube once.

Risako will have an event on 2/19, an Ani Yume Project event.

Sawako said she will appear in the Cocolors live on 2/17 and 2/18. She will also appear in the Tylor 2 musical (from 2/22 to 2/26).

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