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  • Mon Dora Channel 7

    title Mon Dora Channel 7
    date 2017.04.09
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5iW_tgjUys
    hostHata Sawako (»)
    guests Murai Risako

    This was the 7th broadcast of Mon Dora Channel, a two hour show for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

    The show opened with Sawako wearing a horse head mask. She talked with it for a few minutes, but took it off saying it was too hot inside the mask.

    Sawako was wearing a white cardigan over a pink one piece. Her hair was in twin braids.

    Sawako said she had bronchitis, but it was getting better.

    There were some special games for Risako's birthday, which was a couple weeks ago. Risako played 5 matches. The more she wins, the more desserts they get. Risako won the first three games. Then she lost to Mr.Umezu. Risako battled Sawako last, but Sawako's team was very strong. Sawako tried to lose, but her team was very strong. It was a long battle, and Risako eventually won. So Risako won 4 games.

    The next corner was the gacha contest. Everyone did 40 draws. But this time it was a reverse gacha, so it was better if they didn't get the 5 star characters.

    The results were as follows.

    Mr. Umezu 3
    Sawako 1
    Risako 12

    Since Risako got so many 5 star and special 5 star characters, they had to do a batsu game. Mr. Umezu and Risako did a shouting intro. Sawako didn't because of her bad throat.

    Then Sawako brought a surprise birthday present for Risako, a bag of goods from Starbucks.

    Mr. Umezu also brought a present, lots of little cakes.

    In the next corner, they read comments from listeners, and talked.

    Sawako said she wanted a new washing machine, one that has a dryer.

    Then Sawako and Risako played a group battle against viewers. After that Mr. Umezu played a battle against the viewers.

    At the end, they announced that the next Mondora Channel broadcast will be a public recording. It will be held in the afternoon of May 14, and they will invite around 50 people. The information will be displayed inside the game.

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