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  • Mon Dora Channel 6

    title Mon Dora Channel 6
    date 2017.03.12
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd0vdyafj_4
    hostHata Sawako (»)
    guests Murai Risako
    Kojima Miyu

    This was the 6th broadcast of Mon Dora Channel, a two hour show for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

    Sawako was wearing a white sweater, and her hair was up in the back.

    Miyu was a swimsuit model who had been practicing Monster Drive Revolution. Miyu came as a guest to play against Risako.

    At the beginning Sawako got some White Day presents from the staff, as she had given them chocolates last month for Valentine's Day. Sawako had to rank which ones she liked.

    1. strawberries
    2. totoro
    3. yaki gashi
    4. mentai france bread
    5. a bag of candies

    Then the did the gacha contest. Everyone did 40 draws, and the total number of points determines which of the White Day presents they would get.

    The results were as follows, so they were able to get all of the presents.

    Mr. Umezu 2
    Risako 5
    Sawako 4
    Miyu 4

    The next corner was a battle against the viewers.

    Then there was a battle between Risako and Miyu. The battle took around 10 minutes, but Risako won. So Risako was able to stay on this show as a regular guest.

    Then they gave out some of the latest information about the Monster Drive Revolution game.

    Before the ending, Mr. Umezu fought a battle against the viewers.

    The next broadcast will be April 9.

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