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  • Mon Dora Channel 9

    title Mon Dora Channel 9
    date 2017.07.16 20:00-22:00
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE9GUg4mbZ0
    hostHata Sawako (»)
    guests Murai Risako

    This was the 9th broadcast of Mon Dora Channel, a two hour show for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

    Sawako was wearing a white short sleeve blouse with a collar. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    It was Mr.Umezu's 30th birthday on 7/22, so Sawako and Risako bought presents for him. Risako wanted to get some horse (uma) goods, but she couldn't find any. So they got a toothbrush and toothpaste for him.

    The first corner was a quiz. If they got enough correct answers, Sawako and Risako would get to eat some watermelon. But if they couldn't, there would be some penalty game.

    During the quiz, they made the rules a little easier, so Sawako and Risako cleared the quiz. They got a desert cup with watermelon and some other fruits. Risako said that she couldn't eat some of the fruits (like cherries) because of an allergy.

    The next corner was the gacha. While Mr.Umezu and Risako were doing the gacha, Sawako started drawing on the whiteboard behind them. She drew a picture of a Mon Dora character. Then Risako also drew a picture.

    Out of 40 draws, Mr.Umezu got 0, Risako 1, Sawako 4. But not enough, so they had to do the penalty game. The penalty game was to eat one ice candy in under 3 minutes. Sawako finished. But Mr.Umezu and Risako didn't. So they had to drink some tabasco sauce as their secondary penalty.

    The next corner was waiwai game. They played a couple games against the viewers.

    At the end, they gave some information about upcoming Mon Dora game events.

    The next broadcast will be 8/20.

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