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  • Mon Dora Channel 8

    title Mon Dora Channel 8
    date 2017.06.11 20:00-22:00
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1NYY1tGo_s
    hostHata Sawako (»)
    guests Murai Risako

    This was the 8th broadcast of Mon Dora Channel, a two hour show for the game Monster Drive Revolution.

    Sawako was wearing a beige long sleeve shirt, slightly rolled up. Her hair was in a single ponytail in the back.

    The first corner was a quiz for Sawako. She has been doing this program for about a year, but some people were wondering if she was really playing this game. So there were 5 questions for Sawako. The number of questions that she answered correctly would be the number of times they can do the gacha in the next corner.

    Sawako answered all of the questions correctly.. by guessing.

    The next corner was the gacha contest. Everyone did 50 draws. Everyone got 4 points each, for a total of 12 points. So they were able to eat the roll cake.

    The next corner was reading messages, and commenting about them.

    There was a question about whether they like soba or udon. Sawako said she likes both. Sawako wants to eat zaru soba in the summer and warm udon in the winter.

    Then they ate wasabi yakisoba, which had been prepared for the batsu game. Sawako said that she had eaten it before. She said it hurts when you eat it, but it does taste good.

    The next corner was the game corner, where they battled against the viewers. When Mr. Umezu was playing, Risako kept punching his horse mask to distract him.

    At the end, they gave out some information on the new features going into the game in the near future.

    The next broadcast will be 7/16.

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