Koshimizu Ami CDs (miscellaneous)

Ami appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2005.12.22Lucky Star Vocal Mini Album (FCCT-0033)Song
2005.12.22Raki Suta Moe Drill Vocal Mini Album (FCCT-33)Song
2005.12.28School Rumble Kikaku Album Drama+Super Oshibai Songs (KICA-744)Talk
2006.03.23Sound Addict [Lemon Angel Project] (AVCA-22658)Song
2006.03.24Mai Z Hime drama CD (LACA-5470)Talk
2006.05.31Lemon Angel Addict (AVCA-22728)Song
2007.06.06Idol Master Xenoglossia Drama CD Vol. 1 (LACA-5637)Talk
2007.10.10Idol Master Xenoglossia Character Album 2 (LACA-5694)Song
2007.11.07Idol Master Xenoglossia Drama CD Vol. 3 (LACA-5706)Talk
2007.12.05Mai-Otome Zwei Vocal Best Album Maimu (LACA-5718)Song
2008.02.06Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA Best Collection (LACA-5736)Song
2008.04.23Kimi Kiss Character Song Album (LACA-5721)Song
2008.04.23Sweet Lovers Myself; Yourself Best Song Album (VGCD-0139)Song
2008.07.02Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Episode 1 (VRCL-60065)Talk
2008.10.08Strike Witches Ending Theme Complete Collection (COCX-35207)Song
2008.11.26Macademi Kazoe Uta Sono 1 (FVCG-1071)Talk
2008.11.26Macademi Kazoe Uta Sono 2 (FVCG-1072)Talk
2008.11.26Macademi Kazoe Uta Sono 3 (FVCG-1073)Talk
2008.12.03Macademi Kazoe Uta Sono 4 (FVCG-1074)Talk
2008.12.03Macademi Kazoe Uta Sono 5 (FVCG-1075)Talk
2008.12.10Maria-sama ga Miteru Christmas Album (FCCM-0261)Song
2009.04.15Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 5 (COCX-35462)Song/Talk
2009.05.27Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Drama Vol.1 (LACA-5908)Talk
2009.07.22Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Drama Vol.2 (LACA-5932)Talk
2009.07.29The Yume no Hit Square Chara Song Taikyokuhen (LASA-5007)Song
2009.09.30Starry Sky and Harmonia (LASA-5013)Song
2009.10.21Pure Songs @ Dream Club (D3P-D03)Song
2009.11.04FLYING KID (COCX-35797)Song
2010.03.25Ladies versus Butlers! Character File Vol.2 (LHCM-1077)Song/Talk
2010.03.25Pure Songs 2 @ Dream Club (D3P-D05)Song
2010.03.31Omamori Himari Neko mo Shakushi mo Chara Song Album (COCX-36106)Song/Talk
2010.04.21MC Akushuzu Drama CD Bishoujo Heiki F-X ha Ore no Yome (KDSD-00364)Talk
2010.05.26Marriage Royale Character Song Album (LACA-15030)Song
2010.10.20Strike Witches 2 ED Theme Collection (COCX-36422)Song
2011.08.10Pure Songs Zero @ Dream Club (D3PR-0015)Song
2011.08.24Dog Days Drama Box Vol.1 (SVXC-7788)Talk
2011.12.21Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai Character Cover Album (GNCA-1285)Song
2012.03.21Strike Witches The Movie Original Soundtrack (COCX-37247)Song
2012.04.18Strike Witches The Movie Theme Song Collection (COCX-37290)Song
2013.01.09Strike Witches Movie Hime Uta Collection 2 (COCX-37652)Song/Talk
2017.06.21GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.06 (PCCG-1596)Song
2020.02.12Princess Connect Re:Dive Character Song Album Vol.1 (COZX-1623)Song
2021.02.10Sailor Moon Eternal Character Song Shuu (KICA-3288)Song
2022.02.16Princess Connect Re:Dive Character Song Album Vol.3 (COCX-41718)Song

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