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    Kouda Mariko CDs (solo)

    Mariko has released the following solo CDs.

    1993.11.25Kiss (TKCA-70195)Song
    1994.11.23Pure (KICA-7647)Song
    1995.09.05Vivid (KICA-7673)Song
    1996.02.16Twinbee Vocal Paradise featuring Kouda MarikoSong
    1996.03.23Kouda Mariko no Radio Canvas Vol. 3 (KICA-7694)Talk
    1996.07.24Happy! Happy! Happy!Song
    1997.03.05Mariko Kouda Concert Tour '95-'96 Owaranai EncoreSong
    1997.09.26Nandedatteba (KICS-7607)Song
    1998.02.25My Best Friend (KICS-7610)Song
    1998.07.24Daisuki na Uta (KICS-7612)Song
    1999.02.26Yattemiyou (KICS-7615)Song
    1999.08.??My Best Friend 2 (KMCS-3)Song
    2000.12.06Colorful "Special Selection Album" ()Song
    2001.02.07Special Selection Album Colorful 3 ()Song
    2002.07.24Kouda Mariko no GM CD (KICA-1272)Talk/Song

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