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Makiguchi Youko events (2001)

Some of the events that Youko has appeared in during the year 2001 are as follows.

2001.03.25[18:00] Kira Kira Melody Gakuen All Student Final Live
2001.04.21Former Kira Melo First Live in Live Inn Magic
2001.05.19Peaty vol 1 in Live Inn Magic
2001.06.16Peaty vol 2 in Live Inn Magic
2001.06.28Mahou de Night vol 3
2001.07.20Mahou de Night 4
2001.07.31Peaty vol 3 in Yotsuya Four Valley
2001.08.17Mahou de Night vol 5
2001.08.21Peaty vol 4 in Live Inn Magic
2001.08.26Girls Vocal Paradise
2001.08.28A Box of Chocolate vol 1 (Band Live in Manhole)
2001.09.05Hoshi no Shuukakusai
2001.09.15Bishoujo Game Fair 2001 Aki Petite
2001.09.17[20:00] Girls Net Club
2001.09.21Mahou de Night vol 6
2001.09.23[12:30] Pridol
2001.09.23[19:00] Unit Paradise in Meguro Fukushi Center
2001.09.24Tateyama Juutaku Tenjijou Kouen event
2001.10.10Idol Chu-Dogs 7
2001.10.25Mahou de Night vol 7
2001.11.03Character Carnival 2000+1
2001.11.04Peaty vol 5 in Live Inn Magic
2001.11.07Idol Chu-Dogs 8
2001.11.20Remi Presents at Koiwa M7
2001.11.29[19:30] Mahou de Night vol 8
2001.12.05Idol Chu-Dogs 9
2001.12.22[18:30] Den'ei Shoujo vol. 1
2001.12.24[12:00] Take Off 7 Christmas Live
2001.12.28[19:30] Mahou de Night vol 9
2001.12.31[19:00] Idol Toshikoshi Live at Take Off 7
2001.12.31[23:30] Magic Island Oomisoka Special at Live Inn Magic