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    Nakagawa Akiko books and magazines (1997)

    Some of the books and magazines that Akiko has appeared in during the year 1997 are as follows.

    1997.02.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 6article, COLOR {1/2 P}
    1997.04.10Animedia May 1997article, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.04.22Virtual Idol 6 (1997)interview, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.04.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 7article, COLOR {1/2+1 P}
    1997.05.10Animedia June 1997article, COLOR {1/2 P}
    1997.05.10Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 11article, COLOR {2+2 P}
    1997.05.30Voice Animage 14article, MONO {1 P}
    1997.06.10Newtype July 1997trading cards, COLOR {2 cards}
    1997.07.10Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 12article, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.07.25AnimeV September 1997article, MONO {1 P}
    1997.07.30Voice Animage 15article, MONO {1 P}
    1997.08.09Newtype September 1997voice bloom, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.08.10Animedia September 1997Cotton Candy 1, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.08.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 9article, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.09.10Animedia October 1997Cotton Candy 2, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.09.10Newtype October 1997voice bloom, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.09.10Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 13article, COLOR {cover, 11 P}
    1997.10.10Animedia November 1997Cotton Candy 3, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.10.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 10article, COLOR {1+1/2+1/2 P}
    1997.11.10Animedia December 1997Cotton Candy 4, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.11.10Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 14article, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.11.30Voice Animage 17article, COLOR {1 P}
    1997.12.10Animedia January 1998Cotton Candy 5, MONO {1 P}
    1997.12.10Newtype January 1998voice bloom, COLOR {2 P}
    1997.12.26Ani Raji Grand Prix 11article, COLOR {1/2 P}
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