Sakakibara Yui events (2005)

Some of the events that Yui has appeared in during the year 2005 are as follows.

2005.02.04[19:00] Dandelion Mania II at Cure Maid Cafe
2005.04.17[12:00] Sakakibara Yui special live in Gekishinsai
2005.05.04Dream Party 2005 main stage
2005.07.03[12:30] Chara Fes Tokyo main stage
2005.08.12Comic Market 68 event
2005.08.13Comic Market 68 event
2005.09.25[15:00] "Eternal Destiny" event in Yamagiwa Soft
2005.10.08[17:30] Happy Love Live
2005.10.10[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo Prism Night public recording and mini live
2005.12.30[14:30] Comic Market 69 CD signing event

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