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    Sakurai Tomo events (1995)

    Some of the events that Tomo has appeared in during the year 1995 are as follows.

    1995.01.14Sega/Starchild Event in Tokyo
    1995.02.11Valentine Aid 1995 at Melparque Hall
    1995.03.28[17:30] Something Dreams '95 at Hibiya Koukaidou
    1995.04.15Doki Doki Waku Waku Panic Tour in Tokyo
    1995.05.04Macross 7 in Tokyo
    1995.05.05Macross 7 in Osaka
    1995.06.06Macross 7 Matsuri
    1995.06.11El Hazard event
    1995.06.17El Hazard event
    1995.08.12Seiyuu Doujou
    1995.08.13Seiyuu Doujou
    1995.08.14Sakurai Tomo Summer 1995 Concert
    1995.08.22Sakurai Tomo album event
    1995.08.26Sakurai Tomo album event
    1995.09.05Fire Bomber Second Live
    1995.10.03Kaitou Saint Tail event
    1995.10.07Macross Plus/Macross 7 movie at Ginza
    1995.11.05Sakurai Tomo Gakuensai Live at Yamaguchi Daigaku
    1995.11.25YAG Voice Wonderland
    1995.12.17Parachute Tenchi Muyou na Christmas
    1995.12.22-1995.12.24Sakurai Tomo Christmas Live
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