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    Sakurai Tomo events (1996)

    Some of the events that Tomo has appeared in during the year 1996 are as follows.

    1996.02.25Sakurai Tomo signing in Ikebukuro
    1996.03.01Picture and Image Accessories Show '96
    1996.03.02Sakurai Tomo talk and live in Fukuoka
    1996.03.25Parachute Yuugekitai public recording
    1996.03.28Playstation Expo 96
    1996.03.31Big Sight Open Event
    1996.04.28Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Fukuoka
    1996.04.29Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Kobe
    1996.04.29Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Osaka
    1996.05.03Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Tokyo
    1996.05.05Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Nagoya
    1996.05.06Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Hiroshima
    1996.05.08Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
    1996.05.12Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Sendai
    1996.05.15Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
    1996.05.19Sakurai Tomo Cherry event in Sapporo
    1996.06.30Sakurai Tomo talk and Live at Senshuu Daigaku
    1996.07.25Cherry no Kyuujitsu singing session in Shinjuku
    1996.07.26-1996.09.29Kaitou Saint Tail musical
    1996.08.01Cherry no Kyuujitsu singing session in Kanda
    1996.08.05Sakurai Tomo signing session
    1996.08.11Cherry no Kyuujitsu singing session in Nagoya
    1996.08.18Sakurai Tomo live
    1996.10.26Gall Force event in Hitotsubashi Hall
    1996.11.23Sakurai Tomo special event in Kagoshima
    1996.12.24-1996.12.27Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live
    1996.12.31Yukutoshi Kurutoshi Live
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