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    Sakurai Tomo events (1997)

    Some of the events that Tomo has appeared in during the year 1997 are as follows.

    1997.01.17Sakurai Tomo CD-ROM event in Yamagiwa Soft
    1997.02.10Valentine Aid '97 in Hokkaido
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Fukuoka
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Nagoya
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Osaka
    1997.02.11Valentine Aid '97 in Tokyo
    1997.02.15Valentine Aid '97 in Sendai
    1997.02.21-1997.02.23Gekkou no Fuan
    1997.03.18Shibuya de Chu 13:30
    1997.04.01Sakurai Tomo wedding event
    1997.04.03Haru Mankai Concert
    1997.04.20Music Voice '97 Seiyuu POPS Festival
    1997.04.26Sakurai Tomo event
    1997.08.02Tomo Natsu 97 in Odaiba
    1997.08.18Seiyuu Doujou
    1997.08.28Geruge 10 Man-yen Quiz Hunter in Kawasaki Stadium
    1997.08.29Tomo Natsu 97 in Nagaoka
    1997.09.07Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
    1997.11.02Inter TEC at Fuji Speedway
    1997.11.09Pioneer LDC OVA 97 Aki no Event in Osaka
    1997.12.24Christmas Fantasy Live
    1997.12.27Seiyuu Doujou
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