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Seki Toshihiko CDs

Some of the CDs that Toshihiko has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Toshihiko has released the following solo CDs.

1990.05.23Kicks on the Way (TYDY-5135)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Toshihiko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1990.11.21Everybody's ChristmasSong
1991.02.25Oshare Maruhi Shirei Let's Go Seiyuu Daisakusen (SHCU-1001)Talk
1991.08.21Banana Fritters (MECH-30014)Song
1991.10.21Shurato Celestial Warriors Battle for Genesis (KICA-70)Talk
1991.10.21Tatoeba Konna Love Song volume 1 (VPCG-83221)Talk
1991.11.21Kirameku Umi wo Koete [Banana Fritters] (MECH-30020)Song
1991.12.04Monster Maker (VICL-249)Talk
1991.12.21Ranma 1/2 Kakutou KarutaSong
1991.12.21Tatoeba Konna Love Song volume 2 (VPCG-83222)Talk
1992.01.21Tatoeba Konna Love Song Lovesong Collection (VPCG-83230)Song
1992.05.21Tatoeba Konna Love Song volume 3 (VPCG-83236)Talk
1992.06.21Kaze no Tairiku CD Cinema 1 (VICL-301)Talk
1992.07.25Cyber Formula Rei View 2 Maku (PSCX-1049)Song
1992.08.21Banana Sensation [Banana Fritters] (MECH-30031)Song
1992.08.26Kaze no Tairiku CD Cinema 2 (VICL-303)Talk
1992.10.2892 Seiyuu GraffitiSong
1993.03.24The Future-Retro Hero Story (KICA-7005)Talk
1993.08.21Fantastic MemorySong
1994.04.27Secret Sessions 2 Illegal Broadcast (PICA-1033)Talk
1995.02.22Secret Sessions 3 Feelin' Groovy (PICA-1057)Talk
1995.03.17Seiyuu Daisuki 2 (MRCA-20058)Talk
1995.06.25Emerald Dragon vol 1 (PSCR-5383)Talk
1995.06.28Secret Sessions 4 Practical Joke (PICA-1064)Talk
1995.07.21Banana Best Selection [Banana Fritters] (MECH-28001)Song
1995.07.26Emerald Dragon vol 2 (PSCR-5391)Talk
1995.08.25Emerald Dragon vol 3 (PSCR-5399)Talk
1995.10.05Gundam W Operation 2 (KICA-263)Song
1995.10.05Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Operation 2 (KICA-263)Song
1995.12.21Gundam W Operation 3 (KICA-277)Song
1995.12.21Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Operation 3 (KICA-277)Song
1996.01.19Seiyuu Daisuki 4 Wedding BellTalk
1996.02.21Haneda Mitaka no Aozora Douchuu (BVCH-1515)Talk
1996.02.21Ryuu Night CD Cinema 3 (VICL-8168)Talk
1996.03.23Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Operation 4 (KICA-295)Song
1996.09.21Seikimatsu Darling II (MMCM-2603)Talk
1996.10.23Anime Theme Song Collection (VICL-5333)Song
1997.01.15Gundam W Blind Target 1 (KICA-329)Song/Talk
1997.02.21Gundam W Blind Target 2 (KICA-338)Talk
1997.02.21Queen's Road Gaiden (APCM-9008)Talk
1997.05.21Voice Actor Best Song Collection 90 (APCM-5101)Song
1997.05.21Voice Actor Original Drama Collection II (APCM-5103)Talk
1997.07.18Bouken Radio Movie 1Talk
1997.09.01Seikimatsu Darling III (MMCM-3002)Talk
1997.11.21Mega Blade (KICA-1202)Talk
1998.02.01Angelique Kiss Kiss Kiss (KECH-1124-1125)Song
1999.05.21Crushers Knight & Ran (MMCM-1014)Talk
1999.05.21Crushers Knight & Ran Radio Special (MMCM-9004)Talk
1999.12.15D.N.Angel Wink (MMCC-4008)Talk
1999.12.15D.N.Angel Wink 3rd Target (MMCC-4008)Talk/Song
2000.10.25Crushers Knight & Ran II (MMCC-1021)Talk
2001.01.24Crescent Noise volume 3 (KICA-1244)Talk
2006.02.22Super Robot Spirits Original Theme Song 2 (BSCH-30044)Song
2008.02.14Higurashi no Nakukoroni Kai Character Case Book 3 (FCCM-0202)Talk
2011.12.14Bleach Concept Covers 2 (SVWC-7799)Song

CD Singles

Toshihiko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1991.01.21Characters Christmas (PCDG-027)Song

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