Suzuki Aina books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Aina has appeared in are as follows.

2016.12.20From Gamers vol.232Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 17, COLOR {1 P}
2017.03.20From Gamers vol.235First Love Live report, COLOR {1 P}
2017.05.11Young Jump 2017 vol 24Aqours photo collection, poster, COLOR {11 P, cover}
2017.06.20From Gamers vol.238Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 23, COLOR {1 P}
2017.09.28Young Jump 2017 vol 44Aqours photo collection, poster, COLOR {11 P, cover}
2017.11.20From Gamers vol.243Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 28, COLOR {1 P}
2018.03.22Shounen Champion 2018 No. 17Mahou Shoujo Site article, booklet, COLOR {4+12 P}
2018.04.20From Gamers vol.248Aqours BD article, COLOR {2 P, cover}
2018.05.??Suzuki Aina 1st Photo Book Ai Lovephoto collection, COLOR
2018.06.20From Gamers vol.250Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 35, COLOR {1 P}
2018.09.20From Gamers vol.253Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 38, COLOR {1 P}
2018.11.20From Gamers vol.255Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 40, COLOR {1 P}
2018.12.07Young Gangan 2018 No.24Aqours photo collection, poster, COLOR {9 P, cover}
2018.12.27Young Jump 2019 vol 4-5Aqours photo collections, COLOR {9+4+5 P, cover}
2019.01.20From Gamers vol.257Seiyuu Paradise R shucchouban 42, COLOR {1 P}
2019.11.28Young Jump 2019 vol 52Guilty Kiss photo collection, COLOR {4 P}
2019.12.26Young Jump 2020 vol 4-5Saint Aqours Show photo collection, COLOR {6+4+3 P, cover}
2020.03.26Young Dragon Age Vol.2photo collection, COLOR {16 P, cover}
2020.07.16Young Jump 2020 vol 33-34Aqours photo collection, CD jacket, COLOR {8+4+5 P, cover}
2020.12.24Young Jump 2021 vol 4-5Aqours photo collection, CD jacket, COLOR {8+7+2 P, cover}

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