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    Suzuki Aina TV appearances

    Some of the tv that Aina has appeared in are as follows.

    2016.06.26Love Live! Sunshine!! "Watashitachi Kagayakitai"event videos
    2016.10.21Naomi no HeyaAqours song performance
    2017.08.03Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama SistersAqours video
    2017.09.30Love Live! Sunshine!! Watashitachi Kagayakitai!!event videos
    2017.12.132017 FNS Kayousai Dai2yalive performance {Aqours}
    2017.12.22Buzz Rhythm 02live performance {Aqours}
    2017.12.27FNS Momo Kuro Utagassenlive performance {Aqours}
    2018.06.28Countdown TV 2018 Kamihanki SPlive performance {Aqours}
    2018.07.14Ongaku no Hi 2018live performance {Aqours}
    2018.07.25FNS Uta no Natsu Matsurilive performance {Aqours}
    2018.09.08Shibuya no Oto and more FES.2018live performance {Aqours}
    2018.12.29Anison! Premium! 2018 [NHK]performance {Aqours}
    2018.12.31Kouhaku Utagassenperformance {Aqours}
    2018.12.31Love Live! Sunshine! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow Koukai Chokuzen Tokubanlive video
    2019.01.01Countdown TV Toshikoshi Premium Liveperformance {Aqours}
    2019.01.14Shibuya no Oto Presents Aqours Tokyo Dome he no Michiperformance
    2019.09.07Shibuya no Oto and more FES.2019live performance {Aqours}
    2019.09.28Music Fairlive performance {Aqours}
    2019.11.03Anison! Premium!video
    2019.12.22Anison Premium Fes.2019 [NHK]Aqours performance
    2020.03.08Anison! Premium!Love Live Fes video
    2020.03.15Anison! Premium!guest
    2020.04.29Love Live! Fes [FujiTV]event video
    2020.05.31Anison! Premium!video
    2020.07.23Shibuya no Oto Specialguest {Aqours}
    2020.08.02Anison! Premium! Love Live Sunshine 5 Shuunen Specialvideo
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