Tomizawa Michie DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Michie has appeared in are as follows.

1986.??.??Gall Force -Eternal Story (OOLS-4001)Song, Talk
1986.??.??Project A-ko Perfect Disc (PCLP-00006)Talk
1988.??.??10 Little Gall Force [Animeigo release]Song, Talk
1989.??.??Bubblegum Crisis Hurricane Live [Animeigo release]Song
1990.11.25Gall Force Lady's Live (WOOL-5013)Song
1991.02.27Bye2 Knight Sabers (TOVF-1106 TOLF-1106)Song
1991.07.25Gall Force Earth Chapter Video Collection (WOOV-5014 WOOL-5014)Song
1993.??.??Sailor Moon vol 4 (Toei LSTD-01082)Interview
1993.??.??Sailor Moon vol 9 (Toei LSTD-01110)Skit, Song
1994.06.21Dreaming Moon (Toei LSTD-01140)Song, Talk
1994.??.??Voice (COVC-4520 COLC-3158)Song, Talk
1994.??.??Voice Actor 30 II (KMPL-102)Talk
1995.07.21Voice Actor 30 Series Super 1 (TKPV-201 TKPL-201)Talk
1995.08.19It's Say You! vol 1 VHS (COVC-4576)Talk
1995.08.21Voice Actor 30 Series Super 2 (TKPV-202 TKPL-202)Talk
1995.10.21It's Say You! vol 2 VHS (COVC-4614)Skit, Talk
1995.??.??Kamiya Akira no Seiyuu Banzai! 1 (COVC-4573)Talk
1996.02.21"Voice Actor Power Special" Studio Lips vol 2 (BVLA-9 BVVA-9)Talk
1996.02.21It's Say You! vol 1 LD (COLC-3189)Talk
1996.03.23Say You Club TV vol 2 (BVVA-12 BVLA-12)Talk
1996.04.21It's Say You! vol 2 LD (COLC-3190)Skit, Talk
1997.02.25Seiyuu Hakusho 11 (BES-1523 BELL-960)Perform
1998.01.25Sakura Taisen Kayou Show (BES-1823 BELL-1087)song, skit
1999.08.04Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Second Hanagumi Tsubasa [DVD]Musical, Interview
1999.11.21Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Third Hanagumi Beni Tokage [DVD]Musical, Interview
2000.01.21Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Hanagumi Special Aiyueni [DVD]Musical, Interview
2000.02.21Sakura Taisen Hanagumi Christmas "Kiseki no Kane" Musical [DVD]Event
2000.12.27Sakura Taisen Teikoku Kagekidan Super Live (AVBA-14086)Song
2000.12.27Sakura Taisen Teikokukagekidan Super Live [DVD]Event
2001.06.06Sakura Taisen Teikokukagekidan New Century Countdown Live [DVD]Event, Interview
2001.06.06Sakura Taisen Teikokukagekidan Spring Kayou Show 2000 Spring [DVD]Musical, Interview
2001.11.01Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Fourth Hanagumi Arabia no Bara [DVD]Musical, Interview
2001.12.07Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Fifth Anniversary Performance [DVD]Musical, Interview
2002.04.26Sakura Taisen Spring Kayou Show Kanzkai Sumire Retirement [DVD]Musical, Interview
2002.07.26Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Fifth Anniversary Special Edition [DVD]Musical, Interview

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