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Tomizawa Michie CDs

Some of the CDs that Michie has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Michie has released the following solo CDs.

1990.06.27Flying Heart (TYCY-5132)Song
1994.06.01Under the Banyan Tree (COCC-11620)Song
1994.09.21Michie Tomizawa Mini Best (MECH-18002)Song
1994.11.21Voice (COCC-11987)Song
1994.12.21Flying Heart! (TYCY-5414)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Michie appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1989.04.06Kimagure Orange Road "Kimagure Orange Station" ()Talk
1989.04.08Kimagure Orange Road Loving Heart (LD32-5099)Song
1989.04.28Kimagure Orange Road "Cassette Tape no Dengon" (LD28 5072)Talk
1989.10.25Bubble Gum Crisis Complete Vocal Collection volume 1 (LD32-5114)Song
1990.06.01Gall Force Earth Chapter Back to the school wars (POCH 2004)Talk
1990.08.25Lady's Song of Gall Force (POCH-2011)Song
1990.11.21Everybody's ChristmasSong
1991.03.27Bubble Gum Crisis Complete Vocal Collection 2 (TYCY-5160)Song
1991.04.02Bubble Gum Crisis 2 Born To Kill (TYCY-5162)Song
1991.04.02Bubble Gum Crisis 3 Blow Up (TYCY-5163)Song
1991.04.02Bubble Gum Crisis Ongakuhen (TYCY-5161)Song
1991.04.21Luna Varga OngakuhenSong/Talk
1991.05.25Bubble Gum Crash! Masquerade 2034 Song of Knight Sabers (POCH-2028)Song
1991.06.07Bakuretsu Ojou Cindy Sue (TOCT-6112)Talk
1991.09.06Bubble Gum Crisis 4 Revenge Road (TYCY-5176)Song
1991.09.06Bubble Gum Crisis 5 Moonlight Ramble (TYCY-5177)Song
1991.09.06Bubble Gum Crisis 6 Red Eyes (TYCY-5178)Song
1991.11.21Pathway for Santa Claus -Santa ga kureta okurimono- (MECH-30019)Talk
1992.07.08Scramble Wars Yami no Labyrinth (TOCT-6502)Talk
1992.09.23Bubble Gum Crisis 7 Double Vision (TYCY-5255)Song
1992.09.23Bubble Gum Crisis 8 Scoop Chase (TYCY-5256)Song
1992.11.21Sailor Moon In Another Dream (COCC-10509)Song/Talk
1993.01.21The Future-Retro Hero Story act 1 (KICA-7001-7002)Talk
1993.03.20Dragon Quest III (ECD 003-004)Talk
1993.03.24The Future-Retro Hero Story (KICA-7005)Talk
1993.06.01Sailor Moon R -Mirai he Mukatte-Song
1993.06.20Aa Megami-sama Tokuten-ouTalk
1993.12.21Sailor Moon R The Movie Music Collection (FMCC-5019)Song
1994.04.21Sailor Moon R The Maiden's Poem Collection (FMCC-5026)Song/Talk
1994.08.24GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen (KICA-211)Talk
1995.04.21GS Mikami Report 1 (KICA-239)Talk
1995.08.19Sailor Moon Supers Theme Song Collection (COCC-12809)Song
1995.09.21GS Mikami Report 2 (KICA-280)Talk
1995.12.01Sailor Moon Supers Christmas For YouSong
1996.06.21Shounan Bouzouzoku Vocal Collection Endless Story (COCC-13486)Song
1996.07.24Princess QuestTalk
1996.09.05Plus Shisaku (KICP-2654)Talk
1996.09.05Taikyou (KICP-2660)Talk
1996.09.21Elf wo Karumonotachi Volume 2 (AYCM-535)Talk
1996.10.21Elf wo Karumonotachi Volume 3 (AYCM-537)Talk
1996.11.01Sailor Stars Merry ChristmasSong
1996.11.21Josei Seiyuu Group Ongakushi (PCCG-364)Song
1996.11.25Pretty in WhiteSong
1996.12.18Sakura Taisen (BVCH-735)Song
1997.05.21Those Who Hunt Elves Character's Songbook (AYCM-567)Song
1997.07.18Teikoku Kagekidan Sakura Gumi Natsu Kouen -Ai Yueni (BVCH-741)Talk/Sing
1997.08.26Elfin Paradise (BVCH-742)Talk
1997.10.01Teikoku Kagekidan Sakura Gumi Aki Kouen -Ai ha Dia (BVCH-744)Talk/Sing
1997.11.01Teikoku Kagekidan Sakura Gumi Fuyu Kouen -Tsubasa (BVCH-745)Talk/Sing
1997.12.03Teikoku Kagekidan Sakura Gumi Haru Kouen -Cinderella (BVCH-746)Talk/Sing
1998.01.21Love Letter vol. 2 (CRCP-15519)Talk
1998.02.21Anime Heroine Best Collection (COCC-14874-14875)Song
1998.04.29Sakura Taisen 2 Kayouzenshuu (MJCA-00021)Song
1999.02.10Sakura Taisen 2 Drama CD Aoi Tori (TECD-30429)Talk
1999.03.15Kimagure Orange Road Loving Heart (TYCY-5435)Song
1999.09.22Kaitou Ranma (KICA-475)Talk
2000.06.21Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super Best (COCX-30947)Song
2000.07.19Little Princess drama CD (SCDC-00030)Talk
2000.12.20Ah! Megami-sama! Tokuten-oh+ (PCCG-559)Talk
2001.05.30Sakura Taisen 3 Vocal Collection (AVCA-14155)Song
2001.07.01Shin Kayou Zenshu III: Sakura Taisen 5th Song Show (AVCA-14180)Song
2002.06.19Sakura Taisen Uta no Album Teito-hen Paris-hen (AVCA-14394)Song
2011.11.02Magical Hawlloween Miracle Quartet (GFCA-292)Song

CD Singles

Michie appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1993.12.01Moon Revenge (FMDC-505)Song
1994.03.01Sailor Mars (CODC-380)Song/Talk
1994.07.01PC Engine Sailor MoonSong
1996.11.01Sailor Moon Christmas (CODC-1059)Song
1996.12.21Honoo no Sogekimono Flame Sniper (CODC-1084)Song/Talk
1997.03.21Hanasaku Otome (BVDR-1153)Song
1998.04.01Geki! Teikokukagekidan (MJDA-90002)Song
2001.11.21Kiseki no Kane (AVCA-14248)Song
2008.03.26Waratte Waratte (WWCE-31156)Song
2011.02.23Ai ga Kaoru koroni (WWCE-31245)Song

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