Amamiya Sora DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Sora has appeared in are as follows.

2014.08.13Skyreach [CD+DVD] (SMCL-346)promo video
2015.05.13Youthful Dreamer [CD+DVD] (SVWC-70068)promo video
2015.08.19Cobalt [CD+DVD] (SVWC-70091)promo video
2015.09.09Velvet Rays [CD+DVD] (SMCL-386)promo video
2016.02.10Whiz [CD+DVD] (SVWC-70133)promo video
2016.05.11High Free Spirits [CD+DVD] (SVWC-70151)promo video
2016.12.14Senpai [CD+DVD] (SVWC-70211)promo video
2017.07.26Irodori [CD+DVD] (SMCL-492)promo video
2017.08.23Tailwind [CD+BD] (VVCL-1083)promo video, making of video
2017.12.13Eternal [CD+DVD] (SMCL-521)promo video
2019,08.28TrySail Music Video Collection 2015-2019 [BD] (VVXL-36)promo videos
2019,08.28TrySail Music Video Collection 2015-2019 [DVD] (VVBL-129)promo videos
2019.01.16Defiance [CD+DVD] (SMCL-577)promo video
2019.02.27Try Again [CD+BD] (VVCL-1420)promo video
2019.02.27Try Again [CD+DVD+photobook] (VVCL-1417)promo video
2019.07.10Viper [CD+DVD] (SMCL-604)promo video
2019.11.06Regeneration [CD+DVD] (SMCL-623)promo video
2020.01.15Paradox [CD+DVD] (SMCL-640)promo video
2021.01.20Go For A Saillive video
2021.05.12Eien no Aria [CD+DVD] (SMCL-700)promo video
2021.06.09Tagatame ni Aiha Naru [CD+DVD] (VVCL-1861)promo video
2021.07.21Freesia [CD+DVD] (SMCL-717)promo video
2022.05.11Love-Evidence [CD+DVD] (SMCL-761)promo video
2023.05.31Karei One Turn [CD+DVD] (VVCL-2223)promo video, making of video

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