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  • Macross Generation episode 10

    Aired: 1997.04.12

    Sam was going after Passel in his resort house. Passel was trying to escape. Sam said that he can give her the role of Lin Minmei, but Passel said that she didn't want the role this way.

    Meanwhile Lafare was rushing to the resort house on his cosmo bike. He saw Dusty's car coming toward him. Lafare stopped Dusty and pounded him, trying to get the location of Sam's resort house.

    Passel was still trying to escape from Sam. Then a Valkyrie came crashing into the house. It was Volf, who had come to discuss something with Sam.

    Then Lafare arrived. Volf told Lafare to take Passel. Passel and Lafare left.

    Volf had come to take Sam's contract that he made with Electric Company. Volf said that he would shoot Sam if he didn't give it to him.

    On the way back, Lafare asked Passel if it was all right. Passel wouldn't be able to participate in the musical, and won't be able to be the image girl any more. But Passel said that it was all right.

    Lyza apologized to Passel. Passel said that it was all right, and it was her own fault. Passel said she wanted to be friends with Lyza.

    Gana was very happy to get the contract. But Volf said that he wanted to get everything in Macross, and he was going to use any dirty means to get it.

    Canary had a concert. Passel was with her. Canary found out that Passel would be able to participate in the musical. Instead of Passel, it was Dusty that got taken off.

    Canary told Passel that she had been tired of being an idol. But because she met someone at the beach, and because she saw how hard Passel was trying, she felt like being an idol again.

    Passel said, "I want to become like Canary. I'll sing and dance."

    Canary went out onto the stage and sang "Tenshi no Enogu".

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