Macross Generation episode 5

Title Macross Generation episode 5
Aired 1997.03.08

Passel was at home feeling down. She was waiting for the mailman every day, hoping that the acceptance letter from the Lin Minmei Monogatari audition would come. But it didn't come.

Then a very happy Lyza came over. Lyza was feeling happy because she had been accepted as a member of the Lin Minmei Monogatari performers. Passel said that Lyza danced very well, and knew that she would be accepted.

When asked Lyza asked about Passel, Passel said that she didn't get the acceptance letter. Lyza told her not to lose hope, but Passel said that she wasn't good enough. Then Lyza started laughing.

Lyza handed Passel a letter that she found near Passel's mailbox. Passel was scared, but she opened it, and found out that she had been accepted too.

Lafare called Passel and congratulated her. He told her that the real race will begin now.

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