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  • Macross Generation episode 8

    Aired: 1997.03.29

    Passel was always thinking about Lafare recently. But she knew Lyza loved Lafare, so she couldn't fall in love with him.

    Passel was with Lyza. Passel had to go to a resort island for her campaign work. She asked Lyza to go with her. Then Lyza told Passel that they were friends, but they were also rivals. But Lyza said that she was joking, and said that she would go with Passel.

    Meanwhile, Volf was practicing with a laser gun. Gana came and gave him the information about Sam. International Electric Company wanted Canary, but Canary had refused them. So they asked for other ideas, and Sam's idea was chosen. But Electric still didn't want to give up on Canary. So Volf told Gana to find about about Canary.

    Volf and Gana went to see Canary, who was alone on a cliff by the sea. Volf went to talk to Canary alone.

    Canary said, "I like looking at the deserted sea."

    But Volf knew that Canary wanted to die. He told Canary that she shouldn't give up. Canary said that she was happy to meet Volf, and regained her courage. Then Canary went off.

    Gana came up to Volf and asked why he didn't get her to agree to be the image girl.

    Volf: I wouldn't hesitate killing someone to reach my dream. But I don't want to use a girl who is thinking about committing suicide.

    Gana wondered if Volf had fallen in love with Canary.

    Passel and Lafare were getting their pictures taken. They were supposed to be lovers. The cameraman asked them to get closer, and put more passion in the poses.

    Passel: Being held tightly by Lafare.. His hot lips are.. I.. I..

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